June Monthly Meeting & Prepared Mommy Camp

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Hello Everyone,

Here we are, just about halfway through the year and quickly approaching Summer!  This means that it is must be time for The Birth Circle’s Prepared Mommy Camp!

For the past four years, The Birth Circle has hosted this amazing program for young expecting women and we are excited to do it again in two weeks!  Thanks once again to generous funding from the Athens Foundation and support from Quidel’s DHQ CARES Fund, this year’s participants will learn about having a healthy pregnancy, how to prepare for labor and birth, how to care for their new baby, and how to take care of themselves and foster positive relationships with baby and others after baby is born.  Many of you are aware of this amazing program already, but if you aren’t please check out our Prepared Mommy Camp page for more information about this free program and how you can support it by volunteering, or donating new or gently used items for the participants.

In addition to the Prepared Mommy Camp, we have a wonderful monthly meeting planned called “Falling in Love with Baby”.  Brielle Clark from Hopewell Health Centers will lead the discussion with a presentation and all are welcome to share your experiences as the parents of a newborn. We hope you will join us later in the month for this fun topic!  See you soon and thanks for your support of The Birth Circle’s programs!



Claudia Bashaw

Executive Director, The Birth Circle


740-517-8441 (Prepared Mommy Camp)

Animal Train


Week of June 20th-24th

Friends Meeting House, Chauncey

Each year, our local community has generously donated much-needed items to this free program. We are expecting up to 10 young moms, and would be grateful for any number of items you can offer. 

  • We are in need of products related to pregnancy and/or newborns (clothes, furniture, slings, diapers, nursing bras, etc.).
  • We are in need of snacks and breakfast items to have available during camp.
  • If you would like to volunteer your time, we are looking for help transporting participants to and from camp. We also need volunteers to pick-up meals from local restaurants and deliver them to camp.
  • If you offer pregnancy or baby-related goods or services (photography, art, clothing, etc), we are looking for donations to be used as prizes for the women at the end of their week of learning.

The Birth Circle is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. We would be happy to send you an in-kind donation form for your taxes.

If you are a young mom-to-be and would like to come to Prepared Mommy Camp, click here to register!

Please take a moment to fill out the online form below if you are able to contribute to this valuable, free program for young moms-to-be. Thank you!




Wednesday, June 29th

7pm to 8:30pm

Athens Public Library

June 2016 Flyer

Join Brielle Clark as she shares how falling in love with your baby should be the easiest part of becoming a mom, right? In some cases, past trauma and history of the way you were parented can get in the way of giving baby 100% of your heart. Being aware of our past and ready to put forth the extra effort in the beginning can make a big difference. The younger a baby is the more their brain is like a sponge soaking up anything and everything. Nurturing, love and kindness can promote better brain development as well as social-emotional development which is setting the stage to a bright future. The tiniest gestures like eye contact and talking to your baby will be engraved in your baby’s brain forever. There is no limit on the amount of love, comfort and support you give to your sweet baby.

Birth Circle monthly meetings are free and open to the public.
Children welcome to attend.
Co-sponsored by the Athens County Public Libraries.

Items from our Lending Library are available for you to check out and take home from Birth Circle meetings. In addition to books and other media, we have baby carriers, birthing balls and other supplies available for loan!

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