June Monthly Meeting & Events 2016

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Good Morning and Happy Monday!
We have a wonderful monthly meeting planned for THIS Wednesday called “Falling in Love with Baby.” Sometimes the early days after baby is born can be a bit overwhelming and many of us often think that falling in love with your baby should be the easiest part of becoming a parent, right? Brielle Clark from Hopewell Health Centers will be on hand to share more about how, in some cases, our past trauma and the history of the way we were parented can get in the way of giving baby 100% of our heart. Come and learn more about how to become a nurturing and loving parent to your new baby.  Please see below for more details, and we hope to see you there!
Claudia Bashaw
Executive Director, The Birth Circle
Wednesday, June 29th
7pm to 8:30pm
Athens Public Library
Join Brielle Clark as she shares how falling in love with your baby should be the easiest part of becoming a Mom, right? In some cases, past trauma and history of the way you were parented can get in the way of giving baby 100% of your heart. Being aware of our past and ready to put forth the extra effort in the beginning can make a big difference. The younger a baby is the more their brain is like a sponge soaking up anything and everything. Nurture, love and kindness can promote better brain development as well as social-emotional development which is setting the stage to a bright future. The tiniest gesture like eye contact and talking to your baby will be engraved in your baby’s brain forever. There is no limit on the amount of love, comfort and support you give to your sweet baby.
June 2016 Flyer
Thursday, July 7th
3 to 5 pm
Athens Public Library, Kids’ Section
Beat the heat and join us for our July Play Group. We always enjoy seeing kids of all ages and their parents or caregivers and we hope we’ll see you there next week!
Birth Circle Playgroup Flyer
Thursday, July 7th
6:30 to 8pm
Central Avenue Church–73 Central Ave., in Athens
If you are in need of support because of a pregnancy loss or the loss of your child, you are welcome to join us every first Thursday of the month for this support group.  These meetings are free and facilitated by a professional social worker.  All family members, such as grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, as well as friends are welcome.  Childcare is provided.
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