May Groups and Meetings 2017


Monday May 22nd


Chauncey Park in Chauncey (opposite side of the railroad tracks from RT 13)
Are you a young mom or mom-to-be who would like to spend some time learning and socializing with other young moms and their children? Open to all younger moms old and new, so if you were under 22 year of age when you had your first child, then come join us and share your experiences as a young mom. Come join us for a fun time learning, sharing and playing. We’ll even have a craft to do and some food to eat! We can’t wait to see you!


Wednesday, May 31st
From 7:00 to 8:30pm
At the Athens Public Library

Every year we dedicate one meeting to the sharing of birth stories. Whether your children were born last week or a decade ago, we invite you to share your story or just sit and listen to others. All backgrounds, experiences and choices are honored at all Birth Circle events.

Laughing Moon Midwifery is sponsoring our May meeting!

Laughing Moon Midwifery is founded on keeping birth sacred. Offering motherbaby centered care in Athens, Ohio and surrounding areas. Offering a wide range of services to empower, support, and nourish families along their birth journey. Visit or email hello@laughingmoonyoniverse .com to learn more.


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